Women in Miami are a creative, impassioned, problem-solving engine that drives social change in the city.  Miami Girls Grants are established to support the work of active Miami leaders and to inspire community leadership among Miami girls. 



Girls in Stem by Mecker Moller

Beyond Literacy Pop-Up by

Lulu's Financial Literacy by Luisa Santos

Don't Guess What's Yes by Viviana Freyer

Here Comes The Boom by

#WENEEDXTRA by Skylar Lewis-Shirley and D'Lanyna Duncan 

Diamonds In the Rough by Deria Warner

Awesome Miami Girls Grant Finalists

2018 Sponsoring Board of #MIAMIGIRLSTEEN grant:

Amanda Bhikhari

Ashley Sebok

Brigitte Bourgoignie

Brittany Jarrin

Carolina Pina

Cristina Mas

Ekaterina Juskowski

Jenna Cerenko

Maya Ibars

Cerise Zhvania