Miami Girls Foundation is a non-profit “media for social change” platform empowering women in South Florida. We support Miami leaders shaping the future of our city by amplifying their voices through media partnerships, social media campaigns and multimedia art projects.

In the span of the last 30 years Miami transformed from a tourist destination into a top-tier global city with one of the nation’s fastest growing economies. Despite that transformation, the general perception remains in the beach-and-beauty mode of decades back. Miami women have to contend with the strongest negative misconceptions created by the hypersexualized image of “Miami girls” popularized by the media and perpetuated as public opinion. The result? – Many young women living in Miami hesitate to self-identify with the city.

In 2015 Miami Girls Foundation made it its mission to reshape this damaging stereotype. We created a platform allowing Miami women to tell the story of the city they love and the communities they support on a daily basis.


  • To attract and retain talent

    in the region by giving visibility to initiatives led by Miami women.

  • To support Miami leaders

    by helping them with community outreach and volunteer recruitment.

  • To engage emerging talent

    by connecting women to educational resources and platforms.

  • To give women the power

    to shape a better future for themselves through leadership, community involvement, and mutual support.


  • Passion and Ability to Inspire

    Miami Girls are dedicated to their work and strive to inspire and empower peers and younger generations by sharing their knowledge and expertise. #MiamiLeaders

  • Commitment to Community

    Miami Girls are informed, supportive and involved in the life of their community. They vote, volunteer, participate and always show up. #MiamiShowsup

  • Acceptance of Others

    Miami Girls are multicultural, multiracial, multilingual, and come in all shapes and forms. Magic City is what they all love and have in common. #TeamMiamiGirls

  • Ability to Overcome Obstacles

    Miami Girls demonstrate that success is possible by never giving-up. #MiamiGirlsWithGoals


Miami Girls Foundation uses the power of media, technology and storytelling to

  • Engage

    Engage Miami women in a conversation to question negative perceptions of the “Miami girl” and redefine what being a “Miami girl” really means to them.

  • Educate

    Through the many voices of Miami women, educate the general public and younger women about the city’s great potential and the importance of investing in “Miami girls” to solve our community’s problems.

  • Empower

    Empower Miami women to become role models for their communities and to find inspiration that will shape the city’s future to benefit everyone.