Miami Girls team consists of artist Ekaterina Juskowski, entrepreneur Brittany Jarrin , photographer & filmmaker Ashley Sebok and all Miami women and girls who define our city. Our mission is unattainable without the collective action of Miami women and girls. Learn about all the different ways to get involved and join the movement.

Miami Girls Team Ekaterina Juskowski

Ekaterina Juskowski

Founder & Creative Director

Miami Girls Team Brittany Jarrin

Brittany Jarrin

Managing Director

Miami Girls Team Ashley Sebok

Ashley Sebok

Visuals & Storytelling

Board of Directors

Amanda Bhikhari

Amanda Bhikhari

Board Chair

Rachael Anagbo - Team Miami Girls

Rachael Anagbo

Public Relations

Mari Ribeiro

Mari Ribeiro

Corporate Law

Eugene Krasnoshlykov Ibeji Co

Eugene Krasnoshlykov


Karen Kennedy

Fitness & Lifestyle

Mecker Moller

Public Health

Lutze Segu

Lutze Segu

Racial Justice & Intersectionality

Maya Ibars

Maya Ibars

Community Outreach

Tomas Loewy

Tomas Loewy

Project Management&Production