Anastasia Mikhalochkina

Anastasia Mik Lean Orb

Lean Orb, Founder/CEO  Industry: Compostable Packaging Website: leanorb.com LinkedIn: Anastasia Mikhalochkina Facebook: /leanorb Instagram: @lean_orb Twitter: @lean_orb ABOUT YOURSELF: I want us to build better solutions to plastic crisis and do it faster. We are certain the transition won’t be easy but everyone’s contribution to circular economy is the only clear path to global environmental stability. ELEVATOR PITCH: Lean Orb …


Katy Stoka

Katy Stoka founder One Two Cosmetics and Lash Inventor

Founder/CEO of One Two Cosmetics and the inventor of the magnetic eyelashes Industry: Beauty Website: onetwocosmetics.com LinkedIn: Katy Stoka Facebook: /onetwocosmetics Instagram: @onetwocosmetics    ABOUT YOURSELF: “Effortless” is one of my favorite words in life.  It’s also a part of the motto of my company. ELEVATOR PITCH: One Two Cosmetics was founded in 2014 when beauty enthusiast Katy Stoka invented …

Megan Broccoli

Megan Broccoli Miami Founder Wise Mobility

Wise Mobility, Founder/CEO  Industry: Shared Mobility Website: tikd.com LinkedIn: Megan Broccoli   ABOUT YOURSELF: I’m a strong believer in renewable energy and moving towards a more sustainable living. I want to believe I’m here to make the world a better place. ELEVATOR PITCH: Wise Mobility provides the most actionable citation data and insights in the industry. We support the global …

Amy Tseng

Amy Tseng Founder Tissuetech

TissueTech, Co-Founder/CEO  Industry: Biotechnology Website: tissuetech.com LinkedIn: Amy Tseng Facebook: /tissuetechinc ABOUT YOURSELF: I’m a business founder, a CEO, a wife, a mother, a professional and I could never see myself in just one role. ELEVATOR PITCH: TissueTech, Inc. is the leader in innovative technologies using products derived from amniotic membrane and umbilical cord human birth tissue.  Since its inception …

Alexandra Esteve

Alexandra Esteve, Founder and CEO of Car Buckets

CarBuckets, Founder/CEO  Industry: Automotive Website: carbuckets.com LinkedIn: Alexandra Esteve Facebook: /carbuckets Instagram: @carbuckets  ABOUT HERSELF: I am a woman, who is disrupting a male-dominated industry that affects every single American. ELEVATOR PITCH: At CarBuckets we want to make car buying experience fun by making it transparent. We group car buyers by the brand of cars they want to buy and …