Amy Tseng

Amy Tseng Founder Tissuetech

TissueTech, Co-Founder/CEO 

Industry: Biotechnology


LinkedIn: Amy Tseng

Facebook: /tissuetechinc


I’m a business founder, a CEO, a wife, a mother, a professional and I could never see myself in just one role.


TissueTech, Inc. is the leader in innovative technologies using products derived from amniotic membrane and umbilical cord human birth tissue.  Since its inception in 1997, the Company has pioneered the clinical application of human placental tissues – more than 500,000 patients have been treated with TissueTech products and the Company’s groundbreaking scientific and clinical achievements have been documented in more than 360+ peer-reviewed publications.


TissueTech was founded in 2001 as the parent entity for Bio-Tissue Inc., which develops and markets regenerative therapies for treating the ocular surface. In 1997, Bio-Tissue was the first company to introduce the use of cryopreserved amniotic membrane tissue for clinical application, by utilizing its proprietary CryoTek technology, proven to preserve the innate biological and structural properties of the amniotic membrane tissue.


Miami has been home for 35 years, my children were born and grew up here. Both my husband and I come from Taipei City, Taiwan. We came to the United States as students in our early 20s. I received my MBA from the University of Southern California, my husband became a world-renowned surgeon in ocular surface reconstruction. We moved to Miami because he accepted the invitation from the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.


I come from a traditional male-dominated Asian society where women take care of families while men are expected to carry financial responsibility. Through my education and professional career I learned the joy of accomplishment and now consider myself very lucky to be in the situation where I can contribute equally.


My timing was perfect. After graduating from the University, I worked for an international accounting firm, but it became difficult to maintain work-life balance once I started a family. It was important for me to spend quality time with my children and I decided to take some time off to focus on the family. I still needed a challenge and was looking for an opportunity.

My husband, a physician scientist working on the stem cell regeneration, invented a groundbreaking technology nobody could understand at the time. We both saw the value of his technology, but there was no market for it. We had no other choice but to commercialize the idea on our own.

Entrepreneurship requires personal growth to go along with the business growth. I have grown up with my company. I am definitely not the same person I was when we started TissueTech over 20 years ago. At every stage of the company's growth I had to adjust to fit the demands of that growth. Managing a company with 10 employees required a completely different set of professional and personal skills than managing a company with 100, 200, 300 employees. As a founder, you have to constantly upgrade your talents.


There is an opinion that building a business with your spouse can negatively affect the marriage. In our case, it worked out perfectly. My husband is an innovator and I’m a business professional. In the beginning of our family life he was a very busy physician, traveling all the time, our worlds never overlapped outside of the house. He never got to see many of my talents. When I took time off work to take care of the family, he became the breadwinner, which affected my self-esteem. Through working together on growing TissueTech he saw a big part of me that was invisible at home. We’ve become better friends and equal partners.

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