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Cindy Brown Miami Girls Make History LGBTQ Elders
Cindy Brown Miami Girls Make History



JCS LGBT Senior Program seeks to enhance the quality of life of LGBT elders through programs that gather the community, offer counseling and case management services, and provide SAGE-certified training in cultural sensitivity to those in organizations that care for LGBT elders.

The need for this program is critical. LGBT seniors find themselves confronting traditional challenges of aging, while at the same time encountering issues particular to the LGBT community. Lacking traditional sources of support and caregiving, a greater likelihood of living alone, higher rates of poverty, and pronounced cultural and social isolation are just some of the realities of the LGBT Elder community. [See SAGE’s publication, “Federally-Supported Services for LGBT Elders”].

Loneliness, housing and healthcare issues are particularly acute challenges [See South Florida LGBTQ Community Assessment Study, “As I see it”, a 2014 joint project of Aqua Foundation, GLBT Community Projects Fund, and Our Fund.]

Responsive to these critical concerns, The JCS LGBT Senior program plans to offer programs and services to the LGBT elder community throughout Miami-Dade County in a multiplicity of ways:

Train those working in fields such as health care and social service organizations serving the elder LGBT community in cultural competency and sensitivity;
Offer programming that will allow LGBT elders the opportunity to gather, make friendships, support each other, and learn together; and
Provide counseling and assistance where needed, both individually and in groups; on-site in its offices and in-home.

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