Grace Castro

Fashion Inspires More

Grace Castro is a Miami Girl of Puerto Rican descent. She has been working with leading South Florida nonprofits dedicated to enhancing the lives of youth and families in low socio-economic communities and to end homelessness. Grace is also the founder of Fashion Inspires more organization and Miami Fashion Film Festival, both designed to engage the community in conversations exploring opportunities within fashion industry and challenges that youth, women, and industry professionals face.

Originally from Puerto Rico, I was raised in Miami and have had the opportunity to see the city transform into a cultural hub and destination for art, fashion and technology. I’m happy to play a small part through Fashion Inspires More and look forward to an even more vibrant and diverse future.

What is the most pressing issue on your list? Why?
Homelessness. As individuals we need to exercise compassion and not turn a blind eye. The smallest gesture of caring goes a long way. Supporting and volunteering with outreach programs that truly go into the community to help those in need is key.
Where there is lack, there is opportunity. The issues we’re most passionate about are where we as individuals can make the most impact.

Fashion Inspires More is a nonprofit organization founded in 2013 dedicated to inspiring, empowering, and bringing awareness to the creatives, entrepreneurs, and the next generation of leaders to influence art, culture, and technology through fashion.
Using a multidisciplinary and educational approach, Fashion Inspires More hosts workshops, panel discussions, talks, film screenings, exhibits, mentorship opportunities, and meet-ups that join the community.


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