Jenny Lynn George

Jenny Lynn Georeg


I’m from Canada and lived in London for eight years before moving to Miami. At some point I got tired of the bad weather and decided to move to a sunny place. Miami was the first choice because my family is here.


My focus in on the career goals at this moment. As a CEO of a Miami-based company promoting sustainability to the global design and architecture community I face many challenges doing business locally. With all the growth happening in the city there are simply not enough clients with eco-sustainable business mentality. Most of our projects are happening in New York or Europe where many business have embraced sustainability and incorporated it into their business plans. My goal is to increase our impact in the local community and inspire people to invest into future-friendly projects.


My dream is to achieve work-life balance. It would be great to have more time for the things I love doing, like drinking wine or practicing yoga. Currently I have to do both at the same time.


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