Karelle Levy

Miami Girl Karelle Levy

Karelle Levy is a Miami girl who believes that being “Jewish is an identity, it takes a bit from everything.” Karelle’s family comes from all over the world and combines cultures and traditions of many countries.


My mother’s family is from Poland, but she was born and grew up in Sweden after her parents had been rescued during the WWII and relocated. My father was born in Tunisia. He went to Paris to study and met my mom there. He thought there was no future for us in France. My dad is a doctor, so he traveled around the world for work. At some point he told us that America was the best place for a Jewish family. We moved to Miami when I was six years old. I left for college but came back to Miami after graduating. The community I discovered here made me stay. People were welcoming, incredibly supportive and open to new ideas. This is when I started Krel Wear. It was very helpful to have the community that is backing you.


Knitting is my life. I got hooked in college and find myself as excited today as I was when I first started. I want to stay at the creative part, maybe open a factory one day so I could design and produce fabrics for others. I love making money but I don’t want to chase the money.


I’ve dreamed things that are happening now. I could say that I’m living my dream.


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