Koko Mikawa

Miami Girl Koko Mikawa

I came to USA at the age of 17 as a citizen ambassador of Japan. My job was to teach and tell Japanese culture, language, tradition, and anything we do as Japanese. Then I moved to Kansas City Kansas where my American sponsors sent me to a community college to continue my education. Then, I finally had an oppertunity to choose a 4 years college to finish my degree. I had two things on my mind; my next destination has to be somewhere it never snows and has low concentration of Asian population. This is only because I was so sick of cold weather in the Midwest and I wanted to be surrounded by people from different parts of the world. I had no doubt, it was Miami.

My goal is to soak up everything that Miami offers in order to figure out my potential as a business woman. I currently work at an E-commerce company as a marketing analyst under Optional Practical Training program which is given to international students. It is a year long program and mine is about to end. However, I am proud to announce that I was very fortune to get sponsored by the company so that I can continue performing my skills at work. I want to be an expert in the E-commerce field so that I can use the skills to have my own company in the future.

After 3 years of living here, Miami totally made me into a fitness girl. I was not the type of a girl who would work out, but it is now a part of my daily routine. My current training is swim, run, bike, pilates, and classic ballet. I even compete in triathlon races. My whole after work is dedicated to work out for fun and I love it. I would like to get certified in fitness and nutrition so that one day I can spread my knowledge and passion to the others for a healthy life!

Oppose to the stereotype of Asian girls being obsessed with pale skin, I love to lay down on the sand and feel the sun on my skin. This is another thing that Miami turned me into; a beach girl. I am the biggest bikini collector and one month is not enough to wear all of them. Of course, July is my favorite month because it is the Miami Swim Week! I love to go to as many shows as possible to see the new trends in bikinis and it is something that I just cannot have enough. One day, I would like to combine all my passion, E-commerce, fitness, and bikinis to create a bikini brand. If I did not live in Miami, I would not have gotten this dream. Thank you Miami!

As much as I get inspired by the city of Miami, I like to give back something I can do. A year ago, I met a Japanese nailist who moved to Miami with her 8 years old daughter. The mother told me that her daughter does not speak any English but people assume she is fluent in English because of her look. It was the moment I offered her that I could volunteer as a tutor. The combination of Japanese and English bilingual is rare in Miami and I could not help myself to let a young girl to struggle in school. Even though I chose to locate myself in a city where there are not many Asians, or perhaps that is why, I would like people to know more about my country and teach my culture and traditions that do not exist in the Western world. Over time, I hope to come up with an idea that I can be the bridge to connect Miami and Japan. In fact, who knew one of the sister cities of Miami is Fujisawa, a city in Japan?


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