Lauren Foster

Miami Girl Lauren Foster

Lauren Foster worked extensively as a model in Europe, South America and the USA, appearing in top magazines such as VOGUE (Mexico). A tabloid journalist contacted her, revealing he had discovered her past, and planned to write about it. Other journalists researched her past, attempting to interview her family members and friends. The story was picked up by Reuters. Tabloids like BUNTE, GLOBE and other international press ran the story, “REVEALED; VOGUE MODEL WAS A MAN!”

Described by her friend, Warhol Superstar Holly Woodlawn, as the “It Girl for the Trans community”, her world was the glittering mosaic of New York’s downtown scene and Hollywood punks. Her liaisons with rockstars, royalty, international politicians and as a confidante to other rich and infamous were tabloid fodder. Whether she’s partying at Hugh Hefner’s Mansion, stuck in a lift with Grace Jones or modeling minks for Hollywood wives, she remains a Goddess of the radiant night.” – London Sunday Times

Originally it was a great job opportunity that brought me to Miami from New York. I now love the city and call Miami Beach home. It offers a great lifestyle. Things we take for granted here, like our beautiful beaches and gorgeous people are considered a luxury in other places.

I’m now the first transgender woman hired by University of Miami Hospital to serve as Director Concierge for LGBTQ Services. I’m proud to work for one of the top gender affirming surgeons, Dr Chris Salgado and our premier program providing comprehensive gender-related services. My goal is to give as much support as needed to all the people who are taking this very important step in their lives. Back in time I was lucky to have my family’s unconditional love and support while going through my transition. Many people find themselves absolutely alone and I’m here to guide them. I’m focusing on building a support community of patients, doctors and other LGBTQ members to help people feel confident and secure when they decide to go through gender affirming surgery.


I always dream of love and the beach.


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