Lexing Zhang

Miami Girl Lexing Zhang

Lexing Zhang was born in the most North West part of China, near the border with Kazakhstan. After going to college in Shanghai and earning her Graduate degree in Paris, Lexing is now a Miami girl. Soon after moving to Miami Lexing opened an art gallery representing young Chinese artists and became an ambassador for Chinese culture.

It was six years ago, I finished my graduate studies in Paris and wanted a change. I got a job offer in Miami with a one-year contract. Looking on the map and realizing that Miami is right above Cuba (which holds special place in my heart), I booked my one-way ticket and decide to explore Miami and the Americas for the first time. I haven’t left since and it doesn’t look like I will leave this beautiful city any time soon. Apart from the endless summer Miami offers great lifestyle and fresh opportunities if you are willing to make a difference.


Through my art gallery I represent mostly young Chinese artists and aim at providing them with an international platform. My hope is to grow with my artists while helping them to get the recognition they deserve. Other smaller goals for the moment include being fluent in Spanish, traveling more to Latin America and picking up writing again.

My dream is to create and participate in more impactful projects that help people discover and learn more about other cultures. I hope to make significant contribution to bridging different cultures in my life time.


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