Caring for babies has been my lifelong passion. I am a nanny and specialize in working with families whose babies have health problems. For more than 30 years, I have had the joy of caring for babies, often very ill babies or babies with special needs. I studied to be a technical assistant nurse in Colombia and worked as a neonatal assistant nurse in hospitals. I love my work. I love watching how babies progress and develop in their early months and years. I honestly enjoy every aspect of my job as a nanny.

I enjoy working with parents to handle a child’s challenges. Once, I worked with a family whose toddler was very aggressive with everyone, including his parents. His parents were worried and asked me to help. Within a month, we saw great progress! His parents were happy and appreciative—and that made me happy, too.

When I came to the United States, I came on a special nanny visa with a family to take care of their child. My experience was difficult. I am still recovering, but I am determined.

Sadly, nannies are not always appreciated, and the laws here are not always followed. I believe that nannies should be paid for all the hours they work, including overtime hours, and that sick days should be paid.

And nannies must speak up for themselves and for their profession, too. I have gone to several marches and shared my story in the radio and television. And I refer to myself as a “nanny,” not a “domestic worker.” Domestic worker sounds to me like domestic animal. I would like for that term to be eliminated.

My goal—and the reason I am participating in this exhibit—is to change the perspective of others on household workers. I would like more privileged people to see our photos and, through them, see our value and support our work.

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