Abby Kolber Ross

Miami Girls Psychologist Abby Ross
Born and Raised in Miami.


Abby Kolber Ross self-identifies as a “Miami girl with a touch of California.” Abby instantly and casually engages others by talking to everyone around her. All the time. Wherever she is. Anyone that has ever met Abby can say “Miami girls are friendly! “

Whether she’s working as a clinical psychologist, an adjunct professor or as a motivational speaker she has that special knack to inspire others to reach their potential. One of Abby’s many favorite passions is going to Toastmaster meetings. Toastmaster clubs are all around town. Although each club has a different flavor, all clubs provide fun and leadership and speaking opportunities at every meeting. If someone just moved to Miami, Toastmasters is the place to visit!
After running 37 marathons she traded in her running shoes for her Converse Chucks. It’s highly likely you will meet Abby jaunting around town wearing Converse sneakers she creatively decorated herself. (Miami Girls do their own thing)
Abby deals with the irony of hot weather and freezing cold air-conditioned places by always having a denim jacket nearby. She has learned to love the surprise effects that Miami weather has on her hair. Her hairstyle never looks the same. (Note: Miami Girls have lots of hats)

Abby completed a personal challenge of attending a hot yoga class every day for 2 years. She even went to Costa Rica and achieved yoga certification training. (Miami girls sweat.)
Exciting cities, like Miami, have traffic. Abby Ross became “Dr. Ross” by making the best of the traffic. She went back to school and earned her doctorate in psychology. During the 2-hour commute she listened to lectures in her car. (Miami Girls are street smart.)
Abby loves sharing her experiences. She makes a difference in the community by giving a workshop to teenagers or adults on “How to have fun giving speeches without fainting.” After participating in creative writing workshops in Taos, New Mexico she returned home and taught others what she learned. She encourages others to utilize their rich travel experiences by sharing with their fellow Miamians.
As a native Miamian, Abby respects and nurtures her lifelong friendships. Her classmates often refer to her as “the glue” that holds the group together. At least twice a year Abby and her friends get together. Many have been friends since grade school. “Miami girls have their priorities straight.”

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