Mikhaile Solomon

Mikhaile Solomon Prizm Art Fair

Mikhaile Solomon is a native Miami girl of Kittitian decent. She is an arts advocate with backgrounds in theatre, dance, and architecture. She promotes the work of artists of color, who reflect global trends in contemporary art, through a blockbuster exhibit held during Art Basel/Miami. As a Miami leader Mikhaile is determined to create a more diverse and inclusive arts and culture scene in the city.

Miami is home but it took an outside perspective for me to see the city’s great potential. After leaving Miami to go to school in Chicago I came back with the skills I need to create the Miami I want to see. Miami is a unique city where women comprise 50% of the population. As a result, they are poised to create a more just and compassionate community.

I’m focused on developing inclusive creative spaces to reflect our city’s diverse and rich history and culture. For a long time Miami didn’t present many opportunities for artists of color to showcase their work. Art shapes the world we live in. Growing up in the city I went to multiple shows, exhibitions and performances, but simply couldn’t relate to what I saw around me. We have to give every artist the equal opportunity to define the world around us in order to include all members of the community.

The situation has improved with time and there are now places in Miami promoting diversity. However, the underrepresentation of artist of color is still a problem. I founded Prizm exhibits with the goal to create programming that is culturally and educationally immersive. We support the growing practices of visual artists, who contribute to the local and global conversation that provides building blocks for a more diverse and inclusive society. Prizm takes place during Art Basel week in Miami and is designed to present artists of color at the international level, but most importantly, at the same value level as other artists. While Prizm is not an art gallery, as a positive side effect, we get a chance to sell works of unrepresented Miami-based artists to the international art collectors.


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  1. Hi Ms. Solomon l am a Floridian born and raised in Miami. Iam a self taught artist and sculptor seeking to establish myself as a full-time artist. How can l become a part of your organization or receive notifications regarding up coming art shows in Miami

  2. Greetings from BKLYN, sista ‘ Solomon … would LOVE to be in the next line-up of Artists representing the AFRICAN DIASPORA aura at the
    next MIAMI ART BASEL … ( peace ),

    * T.M. NOEL
    ( Artist )

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