Patricia Ireland

Patricia Ireland Miami Girls Make History
Patricia Ireland Miami Girls Make History



As the longest-serving president of the National Organization for Women (NOW) from 1991 to 2001, Patricia Ireland used her dozen years’ experience as a lawyer to help move NOW to the forefront of the political scene, build a strong, effective women’s movement and establish herself as a groundbreaking activist. Patricia emerged as one of the most influential feminist leaders in this country and a leading figure in the world-wide feminist movement.

Patricia returned to Miami in 2005, having served as a national officer of NOW in Washington, D.C., for 14 years. She currently practices labor law, representing unions and their members. She and others are revitalizing Miami-Dade County’s chapter of the National Organization for Women.

Miami-Dade is such a large, wonderfully complex community, and what happens here resonates in the United States and beyond our borders.

Despite extraordinary progress, women and girls in Miami-Dade are facing unique challenges men and boys do not.

Intersectional activism at the community level, fueled by understanding of the problems and the power structure, is needed.

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