Paula Pairoa

Miami Girl IHM Paula Pairoa

I got divorced very young, under 30, with three kids. Before my divorce, I had never thought about leaving my home country. At that time my country had a very strong stigma of being a young divorced woman with children. That pressure wasn’t for me, so I made a decision to go to Miami to start my life anew. It was easy to just get on an over-night flight to visit my kids since I had to leave them behind. That was the hardest thing that I’ve ever done in my life.

From start I knew that Miami is where I was supposed to be. Only a month after moving here, I started working as a sales associate at Gucci and left as a manager, after working there for a total of nine years. With time I was able to bring my kids to Miami. Having a home by the ocean, being able to just grab the cooler and have dinner on the beach while the kids were running around in the sand was simply amazing.

For now, my goal is to get my boys finished with their education. Until then, I am still finding out what I want for myself in the future. In my forties, when the kids were old enough for me to steal a few hours here and there for myself, I enrolled with Miami-Dade College and finally got my degree. Education opened new doors for me and allowed to get a better job.

Now I want to give back to the community. I also want to make time for myself after all of these years of being a mother and provider: doing house chores, helping with homework and projects, and also working two and three jobs at a time. My personal goal is to create a nonprofit organization with my daughter. We want to teach other girls that they can be what ever they want to be in life. We want to encourage them to never forget their roots and where they came from. That’s why I always encourage my kids to speak Spanish to help keep our roots alive.


My dream is to become a chef. Since I was young, my father and his family cooked very well and so did my mother and grandmother. When my daughter was born, I began to discover this passion when I knew I had to feed the baby. I do not want to be in a restaurant kitchen, but to be a chef and know how to appreciate every single thing that you create with your hands like flavors and aromas… that is what I want. I would even like to run a catering company someday.

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