Sabrina Presume


I am a household worker, I think it’s a good way to stay employed and earn a living. It’s what I have for now, and I do my best in order to continue supporting my family financially.

When the circumstances are humane, I like everything about household work: The pleasure I have helping someone else go on with their everyday life, which would be harder or even impossible without my support. I like the feeling of a place that is clean and neat. I also like that it helps me stay in shape due to the physicality of the work. I enjoy the gratitude expressed by a satisfied employer even when that happens rarely.

There are a few things I don’t like about this type of work, the distance I have to travel sometimes just to complete a one-day job, the negative treatment by some racist employers. The most personal problem I experience is the lack of trust expressed openly by some people that I am taking care of.

I feel badly about the disregard that the Department of Labor and labor law gives to our trade. There aren’t enough rules and regulations to protect such an important line of work that’s needed by society.

The creation of associations dedicated just for household workers helps alleviate the burden and difficulty we are enduring socially, psychologically, and economically. Where are the benefits that other lines of work offer to their employees? Who will establish rules around scheduling vacation and sick days? I believe I can help create change by sharing my story and expressing my opinion. I’d like for people who read this to do anything and everything they can to help improve the conditions of household workers lives.

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