“Moving to Miami” Discussion with Foundrs of Scoutible, Agent Nateur and Brave Health at Soho Beach House.

“Moving to Miami” Discussion with Foundrs of Scoutible, Agent Nateur and Brave Health at Soho Beach House.

Join founders Angela Antony, Jena Covello and Anna Lindow in conversation moderated by Natalia Martinez-Kalinina as they talk about their experiences relocating to Miami. Miami has been consistently ranked #2 among the cities with the highest numbers of female-owned businesses, however, most of those businesses don’t scale. What is missing in Miami that other cities have? What are the obstacles contributing to gender wealth and funding gaps in the city? Are there new available resources in place and how can they be accessed?

Soho Beach House
March 22, 2022
7-9 P.M.

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About the Speakers:

Angela Antony is Founder & CEO of Scoutible, the first gamified predictive professional network designed to help anyone find and achieve their purpose. Scoutible’s award-winning core game IP, developed by scientists from Harvard and Stanford, is an RPG that can uncover a person’s unique professional superpowers in minutes. Prior to founding Scoutible, Antony spent 9 years at Harvard studying psychology, law, and business with a focus on labor market policy. She then worked at the White House zeroing in on one issue – more than 50% of all new hires fail because the most accurate and unbiased hiring criteria known to exist—personality and cognitive strengths—are never measured in the hiring process. Antony founded Scoutible to bring the power of psychology and science to hiring. Scoutible is backed by Mark Cuban, NEA, Stanford University and other top investors passionate about the future of work. 

Jena Covello is Founder of Agent Nateur, a company on a mission to educate its consumers on the importance of using healthy products that are equally beautiful as they are effective and healthy. Before she created the first product formula in her kitchen and launched a full collection of skin care, Covello worked as a designer and later assisted celebrity stylists Samantha McMillan and Ryan Hastings. After being diagnosed with stage four endometriosis and adenomyosis she travelled to the South of France to study fragrances and natural cosmetics. Today Agent Nateur is sold in nearly 400 accounts worldwide including Net a Porter, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Goop.

Anna Lindow is a Co-Founder of Brave Health , a company on a mission to expand access to high-quality, affordable care for people with behavioral health conditions. Prior to Brave Health, Lindow was an operations executive at General Assembly, a global organization that helps adults gain new technology skills. There, she led a team that quintupled the business in 3 years, and has since grown it to 30 locations serving over 70,000 students. Anna has a B.A. from Columbia, a graduate certificate in Addiction Recovery from the University of Florida, and an M.S. in Psychology from Walden University.

About the Moderator:

Natalia Martinez-Kalinina is an organizational psychologist and strategist focused on merging innovation, entrepreneurship, and community impact. She focuses on creating connected communities and vibrant ecosystems, currently as a consultant for private and public sector organizations and most recently by leading the expansion of the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) from Boston to Miami and Latin America. She is also the founder of several organizations and nonprofits, including Awesome Foundation Miami, Aminta Ventures, Immigrant Powered, and Love Lost. Natalia has been a contributor to outlets such as The Huffington Post, the World Economic Forum, Mic, and La Nacion. She holds a B.A. in Psychology and Government from Harvard University and an M.A. in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University. She has been an immigrant, twice, and is of Cuban and Russian descent.

Miami Founders

“Miami Founders” 2022 campaign celebrates the legacy of Miami as the only major American city founded by a woman, tells the story of female founders in the city today, talks about the challenges they are facing and recognizes their achievements.

Statement from Angela Antony: "The incredible community budding in Miami today reminds me so much of when I first arrived in Silicon Valley. As a tech founder — especially as a female, minority founder — I've found an unparalleled community of welcoming builders, innovators, and thought leaders coming together in Miami to reimagine the future — like the incredible event happening today at Soho House. It's with my deepest regret that I am unable to meet all of you tonight, but I hope to see you at the very next opportunity. Let's build the future together in this magical city. "

Lauren Walsh, Tighemi Commercial Director, and Tighemi Concept Co-Founder joined the panel in Antony's place.  Walsh, left the early part of her career in Events Management at a large inversement bank in 2017 to pursue the long-time passion project of working with creatives in Morocco, and highlighting their craft internationally. Originally from London, England, Lauren moved to Miami from New York in 2019 to expand the Tighemi brand into the retail space.

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March 14, 2022
March 14, 2022