Miami Founders 2022

Miami Founders Award celebrates the legacy of Miami as the only American city founded by a woman - trailblazing Julia Tuttle. The award advance the mission of closing the gender wealth and funding gap by sharing success stories of female founders, by highlighting their challenges and recognizing their achievements.

The original campaign created with a grant from the Knight Foundation was interrupted in March 2020. The renewed 2022 campaign and award features the original list of 30 women founders curated in 2020 with the help from Babson WIN Lab Miami under the leadership of Michelle Abbs.

2022 honorees
Yenvy Truong Miami Founders 2022
Ximena Kavalekas Miami Founders 2022
Valerie Lopez Miami Founders 2022
Tiara Miles Miami Founders 2022
Tere Blanca Miami Founders 2022
Taylor Cohen Miami Founders 2022
Tara Solomon Miami Founders 2022
Susanne Birbragher Miami Founders 2022
Olivia Ramos
Nathalie Cadet-James
Monique Idlett Mosley Miami Founders 2022
Megan Broccoli
Katy Stoka Miami Founders 2022
Julie Sharma
Johanna Mikkola
Jaclyn Baumgarten
Dennisha McThay
Dejha Carrington Miami Founders 2022
Avra Jain Miami Founders 2022
Anna & Lola Sanchez Miami Founders 2022
Amy Tseng Miami Founders 2022
Ali Mejia & Mariela Ravito
Alexandra Fuente Miami Founders 2022
Abby Melone Miami Founders 2022
Federika Longinotti Buitoni
Areeya Lila
Adrienne McWilliams Miami Founder 2022
Elena Cardone Miami Founders 2022
Alex Esteve Car Buckets Miami Founders 2022

Miami Founders AWARD

The inaugural Miami Founders Award ceremony took place on Tuesday, April 26, 2022 at the Paradise Plaza event space at the Design District Miami. The event brought together Miami’s leaders, innovators and activists in business, tech, start-up, healthcare, and fashion.

In 2022 Miami Girls Foundation partnered with Venture Miami Opportunity Program at FIU and Web3 Equity with a goal to give visibility to organizations forging opportunities for women founders in Miami.                                                                                                                                  

Venture Miami Opportunity Program at FIU provides targeted access and support to female founders of color, a significantly underrepresented group in the innovation economy. Under the guidance of Director Kenasha Paul, the program seeks to help close Miami’s inclusion gap among Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) by enrolling 20 BIPOC female business leaders affiliated with community-based organizations in Miami.

Web3 Equity pursues gender equity in web3 by onboarding women into web3 through increasing knowledge, as well as network and resources for women investors, collectors, and creators.                                          

Miami Founders Award Ceremony Design District