Women's March Miami is a grassroots progressive mobilization network created by the same women who brought 27,000 people from Florida to Washington, D.C. as part of a collective mobilization of over 1.2 million people to the first national Women’s March on January 21, 2017.  

In Miami thousands of women participated in the event in Bayfront Park. Miami Girls Foundation profiled event’s speakers and women working with local organizations on gender-related issues. Here are the faces of Women's March Miami 2017.

Women's March MIAMI 2017

Julia Tuttle Women's March 2017
Sandy Skelaney Women's March Miami 2017
Marleine Bastien Women's March Miami
Patricia Ireland Women's March Miami 2017
Sherry Thompson Giordano Pace Girls
Maureen O’Brien
Cherie Cancio
Dr. Elizabeth King
Casey Bruce
Cindy Brown LGBTQ Elders Miami
Lina Acosta Sandaal
Janet Solitt
Wanda Finnie Lotus House Miami
Stephanie Myers Women's March Miami 2017
Susan Windmiller Women's March Miami 2017
Knellee Bisram
Barbara Reese
Alexia Gonzalez
Sarah Stumbar
Judy Freedberg
Laura Hernandez Planned Parenthood Miami
Hana Abdulla
Deborah Korge Women's Fund Miami
Jasmen Rogers Women's March Miami 2017
Silvia Planas Prats
Laura Finley
Carla Pena
Leigh-Ann Buchanan
Carolina Pina
Ani Mercedes
2017 Women's March Miami

The list of media platforms that wrote about Women's March Miami 2017 project by the Miami Girls Foundation. Watch the interview with the Founder Ekaterina Juskowski by South Florida PBS.