Elisna Agomar

Elisna Agomar Never Not Working Femme Agenda

I am currently a household worker and I fell upon this type of labor because I lack fluency in English. There is not much to like about something you did not choose to do. I especially don’t like the repetitive aspect of housework. Of course, it’s always rewarding to contemplate a job well done, and to see that you are appreciated for your performance.

I have no relationship with this work because relationships are for humans towards humans, to me relationships involve reciprocal feelings. Many times, I’ve encountered bitter employers. People who think that because of their status, I am lesser than a person. I once had an employer tell me to stay outside of a restaurant because blacks were not allowed inside, I really hated being minimized that way. Being treated so negatively and as less than human makes me regret being in this field. Some people think that because you accept to work as a household worker that you are nobody.

Right now, I am not a decision maker in my workplace and I worry about staying employed. Household workers need the support of a union in order to defend their rights, their respect, and dignity in the labor force. Work conditions and treatment need improvement. Benefits, including health insurance, and vacation must be part of any employment package. I joined the Miami Workers Center to figure out how to implement my ideas.

I’d like for employers who experience this exhibit to give more moral support, and a sense of integration to the people they employ instead of putting them down. For employers to pay fair wages because at the end of the day, we are worth it, and household workers are necessary.

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