Knellee Bisram

Knellee Bisram
Knellee Bisram Miami Girls Make History AHAM Education

Knellee Bisram is a Trinidad and Tobago native with a passion for language and culture, and a mission to be an agent for positive community transformation in the Americas. She is a Social Sciences Professor and a Consultant, who has designed and implemented innovative economic development, educational, and social investment initiatives, as well as organizational capacity building grounded in emotional intelligence and mindful leadership.
A student of meditation, mindfulness and positive thinking for 30 years, she founded AHAM Education (Academy of the Heart and Mind) – a social investment initiative whose vision is to be a catalyst for individual and social wellbeing by empowering 1,000,000 youth, women, veterans, and at risk populations, with practical evidence-based tools that cultivate present-mindedness, positivity and peace.
Knellee is a Certified Mindfulness Instructor, holds a MA in International Relations/Latin American Studies, a BA in foreign languages and BSc in International Business. She is fluent in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and French Creole, loves to travel and meet leading-edge thinkers from different walks of life.



I am so grateful to have been a part of the South Florida community for the last 20+ years. Since migrating from my home country of Trinidad, South Florida has been my home – the place where I really became an adult and began to fulfill my professional and personal dreams of living and working within a vibrant multicultural, multilingual setting to create economic and social change in the hemisphere – first at the FTAA Secretariat, and later as a dual-language Professor, International Consultant and Social entrepreneur. This is where I met my husband and became a mother, the most rewarding roles of all. This community enriched my life with invaluable friendships, gave me the opportunity to attain a Master’s degree under a fellowship at FIU, and provided my family with economic security. I am inspired and honored to serve South Florida by giving back via social investment initiatives that empower our youth and underserved populations to achieve their full potential while enjoying equity and wellbeing.

Many of our social and emotional ills – family breakdown, violence, bullying, racial conflict, loneliness, stress, lack of achievement and lack of happiness are due to too much distraction, a lack of connection to ourselves and each other, under appreciation, lack of emotional intelligence, lack of skilled communication and mindful awareness. We tend to look outside for answers, this is the real problem.

Our solution is to be a guidepost and a catalyst to turning the community to look inward in a skillful way – to tap into our individual and collective creativity, wisdom, and resilience to find our own innovative solutions in a way that fosters peace, compassion and empathy.
We do this by providing a practical, evidence-based, toolkit that cultivates mindfulness (presence), a positive mindset, and a peaceful heart among youth and adults. We offer Mindfulness programs in schools and community settings, Emotional intelligence and resiliency trainings for adults, particularly those who suffer from trauma and anxiety (veterans), teacher and organizational capacity building trainings. We partner with like-minded entities who share our mission to have even greater impact.
Everyone who has been touched by our work have given testimony of the increased focus, decreased stress levels, greater resilience and self-compassion they experience, as well as the ability to be more empathic to others. These life-changing skills build solid foundations for greater social equity and wellbeing.

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