Marte Siebenhar

Miami Leader Marte Siebenhar

Marte Siebenhar is a Miami Girl and a Miami Leader. Marte is a firm believer in the transformative power of the arts. By building and teaching strategic and sustainable business practices with the arts and culture community, her aim is to help strengthen the national ecosystem and ensure its accessibility to all. Marte is in demand as a speaker, facilitator, and arts management strategist working across the entire industry.

Because this is the most creative, inspiring, entrepreneurial city I’ve experienced. If you have an idea and passion, and can get others excited about it too, you can really make things happen here, and very quickly. Particularly in my field, the arts, there is an eagerness and openness to collaborate and co-create, which is the most satisfying thing possible for someone who loves making things with others that you can’t possibly make alone.

What is the most pressing issue to solve on your list? Why? :
The most pressing issue to solve is making the arts accessible to everyone in Miami. The arts have incredible transformational power – we all deserve the chance to express ourselves, and the arts provide ways to make sure everyone has a voice, that everyone has that opportunity to create. To make sure this happens, arts organizations need to envision new ways to invite people to take part and feel welcome, that their voices and creativity, not just appreciation, matter.

We can do it by embracing innovation, designing experiences of extremely high quality that also embrace and honor the audience member and their experience. Performances are not one-directional, and neither are artists nor audience members. Imagine if we focused more attention on fostering and amplifying these connections!


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