Regla Espinosa

Regla Espinosa was born in Villa Clara, Cuba. She moved to Miami from Italy, where she lived for 23 years. Together with her husband Regla had a gelateria in a beautiful town called Bergamo.

We came to America looking for a better future for our son Ariel and for a better life for us. We thought Miami would be very similar to Cuba in culture, but I find it to be very different. Of course, I’ve only been here for a year and a half and don’t know the city too well.

I love dancing, traveling and exploring new things. Ever since we moved to the United States there hasn’t been much time left for things I love. We’ve been working a lot trying to start our new life. My goal is to find the balance again.

I was an Elementary School Teacher in Cuba but for over twenty years I worked in a patisserie business with my husband in Italy. It is now my passion. My dream is to open my own place, chiquito pero lindo, with lots of flowers around it.

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