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Silvia Planas Prats Autism Unemployment Miami Girls

Miami Is Kind provides employment, placement and work skills education for young adults with autism / disabilities by creating partnerships with local bakeries & schools.



Silvia Planas Prats is an advocate for families with children with disabilities and a co-founder of the Miami EmployABILITY Movement. She moved to Miami from Spain in 2012 with her husband Xavier and two children with “a dream to help her son Marc, a cheerful, smart, and cute 11year old who happens to have autism. “

Since 2013 Silvia has been an advocate for families of children with disabilities first as Treasurer in Parent to Parent of Miami and in Feb 2012 I’m honored to be vice chair of this great organization.

“I envision a future where most adults with autism and disABILITIES that have received education to work can effectively work. I’m the Founder and CEO of Miami is Kind Foundation – the company that deploys my vision since 2015.”

Miami Is Kind… Miami has given our family and my eldest son with Autism Marc a better life.
Miami Is Kind…Miami has supported our vision to put those with Autism/ disABILITIES to work. Our foundation has received support from so many individuals and institutions in Miami…from especial education teachers, to school principals, chefs, counselors, other foundations, other nonprofits, private bakeries, private schools, public schools, universities, mayors, neighbors, families, therapists…Miami Is Kind.
Our bakers will be the pioneers of an even kinder Miami. Ten years from now every individual will have the opportunity to work regardless if he/she has a disability or not.

1 in every 68 persons have Autism
Unemployment rate among persons with Autism DD : 80-90%

Miami is Kind is here to address the employment GAP for young adults with Developmental Disabilities (DD). In Miami many young adults with DD have received education and therapies for most of their lives and many are ready to work but there are not enough job opportunities. Employing young adults with DD is not a part of the corporate agenda. The work of Miami Is Kind is to promote and showcase the benefits of employing individuals with disabilities.

We serve as a community model for other businesses. By assuming this role we will lead the change and will help dispel the myths around DD. This is achieved by unleashing the potential and demonstrating that our talented employees can excel in the workplace.

Our vision is to help individuals with autism and DD strive for independent living, fulfilling their dreams and personal choices with their salaries. By building community awareness for the inclusion of adults with DD, the goal of Miami Is Kind is to provide employment and educational opportunities for young adults with autism by creating partnerships with local bakeries & schools.
Miami Is Kind is an industrial bakery and the first factory for professionals with autism with direct coaching education, employment and placement in South Florida. Miami Is Kind employed 2 bakers in 2015 and today employs 6 bakers. Target is to employ 20 adults with autism and DD by 2020. In addition to bakers, we will employ packers, warehouse operators, customer service reps and dispatchers that have autism to work alongside other typically developed employees. We demonstrate that our population excel at a workplace with adequate instruction and a properly structured workplace.

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