Stephanie Myers

Stephanie Myers Miami Girls Make History Women's March Florida
Stephanie Myers Miami Girls Make History Women's March Florida



Stephanie Myers is a Miami leader behind Women’s Rally in South Florida. She was the visionary and lead organization process of the non-partisan Women’s Rally in South Florida that gave a platform for women to talk about the issues of their communities. Stephanie’s goal is to continue unite women across different platforms and together come up with solutions that would benefit everyone.

After the divisive election cycle, I wanted to heal our diverse community and stand in solidarity with the Women’s March on DC. While my residency is in Fort Lauderdale, I felt it was imperative to have the event in Miami – Dade as it is the most diverse and populous county in South Florida. I also wanted to ensure the most marginalized in our community could attend via public transportation.

Past election cycle polarized American society, which makes it difficult to stand united on issues affecting women.

Women’s March was envisioned as a non-partisan event that gave women of South Florida platform to speak about our community’s issues and together come up with solutions. Our mission is to bring women of all religions, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, and color together as one voice for women’s rights; to defend and protect all those who would be or are already being oppressed and marginalized in our country.

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