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#NeverNotWorking is a popular Social Media hashtag used to promote the idea of someone working very hard. This art project invites everyone to assess their privilege by looking at the #NeverNotWorking hashtag in the context of workplace exploitation through wage theft, pay equity issues and, the trafficking of individuals brought to the United States and treated as modern-day slaves.

Join us as a community partner to honor domestic work and to show solidarity with the domestic workers in the United States by participating in the performance.

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Make a Donation

We are asking each community partner to donate $30 or more towards an emergency & empowerment Thrive Fund managed by the houshold workers. The money raised will help women to go through emergency situations, such as medical emergencies, injuries, administrative  disputes and more. 



Commit 30 minutes of your time to participate in the art project during Miami Art Week in December, 2018

The visual component of the performance will consist of clotheslines used traditionally for drying washed laundry. Each of the 100 participants will be given 30 minutes to hang white sheets on the lines and then to take the sheets down.

Read full description of the art project by clicking on the link below. 

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