Yenvy Truong Miami Founders 2022

Yenvy Truong

Yenvy Truong is the founder of LSM Group, a consulting company that identifies emerging healthcare trends and hazards of healthcare cycles in relation to technology adoption and government regulations. Truong has over 15 years of experience building and developing companies in the anti-aging, integrative, functional, longevity, and lifestyle medicine markets, long before these fields were popular.

Ximena Kavalekas Miami Founders 2022

Ximena Kavalekas

Ximena Kavalekas is the founder, creative director and designer of Ximena Kavalekas a Miami-based luxury handbag and accessories brand made in Italy. Launched in 2015, Kavalekas’ eponymous collection of exotic-skin accessories are the product of a lifelong passion, “For as long as I can remember, I always knew that I wanted to do something where fashion and art were involved …

Valerie Lopez Miami Founders 2022

Valerie Lopez

Valerie Lopez is a co-founder and CEO of Angle, a global marketplace that connects customers and businesses with local professional photographers in over 500+ cities worldwide.

Tiara Miles Miami Founders 2022

Tiara Miles

Tiara Miles is the Founder of Koki Experience, an on-demand chef-prepared meals delivered to your home the next day. Inspired by the food scene of New York City, Miles started cooking for her friends while studying at the Columbia University. She later moved to Miami where she decided to build a company that provides homemade healthy meals customized to the needs …

Tere Blanca Miami Founders 2022

Tere Blanca

ABOUT: Tere Blanca is the Founder of Blanca Commercial Real Estate, the leading independently owned the leading independently owned commercial real estate services firm in Florida. She founded the firm in 2009 after identifying a need in the marketplace for a local advisory and brokerage firm built on a culture of giving clients a highly personalized approach to service. With …

Taylor Cohen Miami Founders 2022

Taylor Cohen

Taylor Cohen is a founder of Adashah. Adashah is made of all organic, non-gmo, soy free and gluten free ingredients; lentils, turmeric, and flaxseed. Is mighty high in protein and fiber, and low or non-existent in things like carbs, fats sugars or sodium. As we grow, we aim to continue lowing our prices so we can reach the masses, and …

Tara Solomon Miami Founders 2022

Tara Solomon

Tara Solomon is the founder of Tara, Ink a highly lauded luxury boutique public relations firms.The name Tara Solomon resonates with Miami Beach residents of the 90s and early 2000s. Best known for her vintage Miami Herald column Queen of the Night, Tara has spent the better part of the last three decades making a name for herself in the South Florida …

Susanne Birbragher Miami Founders 2022

Susanne Birbragher

Susanne Birbragher a Founder and CEO of Liaisons Corporation a global strategic marketing and consulting agency focused on the art and luxury sectors. The company is headquartered in Miami with operations in Madrid, Mexico City, New York and Colombia.  Liaisons is a multicultural, multilingual, full-service agency that specializes in developing bespoke creative strategies through events, marketing, strategic alliances, VIP access, art content, …

Nathalie Cadet-James

Nathalie Cadet-James

Nathalie Cadet- James is a founder of Luxe Fete, an international event planning and design studio. A former attorney who clerked for a Federal judge and worked at top law firms, Nathalie found her true calling as an entrepreneur in 2008 when she launched Luxe Fête. Since then she has been named by BRIDES Magazine one of the top planners …

Monique Idlett Mosley Miami Founders 2022

Monique Idlett-Mosley

Monique Idlett-Mosley is the Founder of Reign Venture Capital, a $50 million seed stage fund that focuses on women and minority-led startups. Reign Ventures invests at the Seed and Series A Stage in promising technology and tech-enabled startups with high-potential founders. Idlett-Mosley is a globally recognized entertainment pioneer in addition to being a successful venture capitalist.

Megan Broccoli

Megan Broccoli

ABOUT YOURSELF: I’m a strong believer in renewable energy and moving towards a more sustainable living. I want to believe I’m here to make the world a better place. ELEVATOR PITCH: Wise Mobility provides the most actionable citation data and insights in the industry. We support the global shift to sustainable transportation and want to stop the wasted resources spent …

Katy Stoka Miami Founders 2022

Katy Stoka

Katy Stoka, the founder of One Two Cosmetics and the inventor of the magnetic lash. In 2013 Stoka invented the magnetic eyelash. She patented and built a company around the invention which grew in popularity to become the #1 most Googled beauty question in 2018. Since 2021 together with Doris Richards Stoka is working on her new company the Skin …

Julie Sharma

Julie Sharma

Julie Sharma is a co-founder of Wellness Coach, a workplace wellness platform with a mission to inspire 5 billion people to be their best selves. Wellness Coach brings teams on-demand access to a vast library of tools including guided meditations, workout videos, and sleep music; plus, live classes that allow users to connect with doctors and experts in real-time.

Johanna Mikkola

Johanna Mikkola

Johanna Mikkola is the CEO and Co-founder of Wyncode Academy a leading technical school dedicated to training top technology talent through best-in-class accelerated and immersive programs. With various courses in web development, UX/UI product design and digital marketing, Wyncode’s innovative curriculum prepares students to compete in the national job arena. This is demonstrated by Wyncode’s 93% job placement rate, 800+ technology graduates …

Jaclyn Baumgarten

Jaclyn Baumgarten

Jaclyn Baumgarten is the founder of the Boarsetter, named Fast Company’s Best Workplaces for Innovators 2021. Boatsetter is where unforgettable on-the-water experiences start. Round up your crew and set sail throughout North America, the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. Go island-hopping, party at the sandbar, go wakeboarding, catch some fish, have a romantic evening, or spend weeks sailing around paradise. We …

Dejha Carrington Miami Founders 2022

Dejha Carrington

  Dejha Carrington and Rebekah Monson are co- founders of Commissioner, a company building a community of arts patrons to support them. ABOUT YOURSELF: I believe imagination is a radical act of freedom.  ELEVATOR PITCH: Commissioner is an art membership program that introduces emerging collectors to emerging artists here in Miami. Our members receive limited edition artworks on a quarterly …

Avra Jain Miami Founders 2022

Avra Jain

Avra Jain is the founder of Vagabond Group, a Real Estate investment and development firm with a focus on historical preservation and affordable housing. The Vagabond group started around the renovation of the Vagabond hotel. “We don’t invest in buildings, we invest in neighborhoods. Creating ecosystems is a part of our sustainable development story.”

Anna & Lola Sanchez Miami Founders 2022

Ana & Lola Sanchez

Ana and Lola Sanchez are co-founders of the Oliver Gal Artist Co. a growing art and lifestyle brand in South Florida, created to capture life’s most haute moments, avantgarde objects and splendid lifestyles in art and other products, spearheaded by sisters and artists Lola Sánchez & Ana Gal. The duo was inspired by the Miami art scene — and by …

Amy Tseng Miami Founders 2022

Amy Tseng

Amy Tseng is a co-founder and Board Member of TissueTech, the leader in innovative technologies using products derived from human amniotic and umbilical cord tissues.  Since its inception in 1997, the Company has pioneered the clinical application of human placental tissues – more than 300,000 patients have been treated with TissueTech products and the Company’s groundbreaking scientific and clinical achievements …

Ali Mejia & Mariela Ravito

Ali Mejia & Mariela Ravito

Ali Mejia and Mariela Rovito are co-founders of Eberjey, a fashion company started in 1996. Eberjey was created by Ali Mejia and Mariela Rovito, while they were in their early twenties, with the goal to offer a line of underpinnings that was the antithesis of the typical lingerie brand’s va-va-voom image. They believed that the layer worn closest to the …

Federika Longinotti Buitoni

Federika Longinotti Buitoni

ABOUT YOURSELF: I am reimagining the wedding registry experience, from being an outdated and often overwhelming process, to being a curated, customized and exciting experience. ELEVATOR PITCH: Collecto is a curated luxury wedding registry providing couples with access to the world’s finest homeware designers. We bring together a selection of items from emerging and established brands, where each piece embraces …

Areeya Lila

Areeya Lila

ABOUT YOURSELF: I connect to the world empirically, through numbers and proof. I love human passions and I love understanding people, but I do it with the help of the data. ELEVATOR PITCH: ViewN is enterprise software for marketers. It’s an AI-engine for marketers to unlock customer retention from their own data. Our solution profiles, segments and connects with customers …

Adrienne McWilliams Miami Founder 2022

Adrianne McWilliams

ABOUT YOURSELF: Athlete mentality is a “never quit” mentality. I don’t give up when it starts getting hard, I continue until all my resources and options are exhausted. ELEVATOR PITCH: Travelspective provides a window into destinations and experiences around the world. Our TV and mobile apps allow you to tap into a city and see what’s happening around you. THE …

Anastasia Mikhalochkina

ABOUT YOURSELF: I want us to build better solutions to plastic crisis and do it faster. We are certain the transition won’t be easy but everyone’s contribution to circular economy is the only clear path to global environmental stability. ELEVATOR PITCH: Lean Orb is a Miami-based company specializing in compostable foodservice packaging. We design and supply disposable take-out containers, cups, …

Elena Cardone Miami Founders 2022

Elena Cardone

ABOUT: I always thought I had to be a strong independent woman and do everything on my own, never depend on anyone for anything, and especially on a man. If I didn’t do it myself, it somehow was not legitimate. Until in 2008 the US economy collapsed, I was pregnant with my first child, we were on the verge of …