Miami Girls Foundation Appoints Brittany Jarrin as Managing Director

Miami Girls Foundation, a non-profit “media for social change” platform, has appointed Brittany Jarrin as Managing Director, effective immediately. Brittany will lead the organization with responsibility for strengthening existing relationships and building new connections through community outreach.

Brittany joins Miami Girls Foundation after hosting #ConnectMiami305 event during last year’s “Miami Girls make History” campaign. With over 6 years of Marketing experience in the hospitality industry and a record of successful community engagement projects through Creative G.L.U.E platform she co-founded in 2016, Brittany brings the set of skills necessary for the successful growth of the organization.

Brittany Jarrin said, “As a Miami girl born and raised in the city, I’m extremely passionate about making Miami more supportive of women and girls, who chose to invest in the city’s future. It is a great time to be a woman in Miami.”

Brittany Jarrin Miami Girls Foundation

Brittany Jarrin, Managing Director of Miami Girls Foundation


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