Urbanism Summit Miami 2018

Second annual Urbanism Summit took place on February 15, 2018 in Miami Downtown at the historical Securities building currently hosting WeWork Miami. The summit was founded by Andrew Quarrie with the goal to share actionable ideas across disciplines in new urbanism and spark a movement of collaboration among investors, startups, policy makers and community.

Miami Girls Foundation’s Founder and Creative Director Ekaterina Juskowski took part in the panel discussion “Cultured” exploring the anthropological dynamics of thriving or failing cities. Moderated by Leigh-Ann Buchanan the panel examined the “out of many one people” cultural factors driving decisions in urbanization.

Dan Rabinowitz Urbanism Summit

Dan Rabinowitz | Tel Aviv University


A socio-cultural anthropologist and environmentalist by training, Rabinowitz teaches at the department of Sociology and Anthropology at Tel-Aviv University and at CEU, and is currently Head of Porter School of Environmental Studies at TAU. Rabinowitz held visiting professorship at Princeton, NYU, University of Toronto, and published books with Cambridge University Press, University of California Press, Ashgate London and leading Israeli publishers.






Ekaterina Juskowski Urbanism Summit

Ekaterina Juskowski | Miami Girls Foundation


Ekaterina Juskowski is a Miami-based artist, activist and social entrepreneur. Her work explores the role media plays in the process of constructing identities. Juskowski is the founder of Miami Girls Foundation, a non-profit media for social change platform that supports female leaders by amplifying their voices through multimedia art projects.







Urbanism Summit Miami 2018

Najeeb Campbell | Architect


An architect and urban planner Najeeb Campbell seeks to use the love of culture, time honored traditions and local resources as the foundational template for architectural and planning design and construction. Campbell holds a Master’s degree in Architecture & Urban/Town planning from the University of Miami.






Urbanism Summit Francisco Martinez

Francisco Martinez | Young Profs. of the Americas


Francisco is an economist and political scientist, with a professional background in strategic communications, non-profit management, and business associations.
Currently, he helps advance economic and social development in Latin America through public-private sector dialogue at the Americas Society / Council of the Americas. Francisco is on the internal committee of the Young Professionals of the Americas (YPA) and the board of Santa Marta Progresa.








The discussion explored the topics of Civic Infrastructure, Nouveau Segregation, Inclusion, Leadership and Culture of Corruption vs. Radical Transparency.

Urbanism Summit Dan Rabinowitz, Ekaterina Juskowski , Leagh-Ann Buchanan

Dan Rabinowitz, Ekaterina Juskowski, Najeeb Campbell and Francisco Martinez Diaz-Granados at the Urbanism Summit 2018. “Cultured” panel discussion moderated by Leigh-Ann Buchanan. Photo by Tomas Loewy for the Miami Girls Foundation.




Urbanism Summit

Ekaterina Juskowski, Francisco Martinez Diaz-Granados, Najeeb Campbell, Andrew Quarrie and Dan Rabinowitz, at the WeWork Miami  during Urbanism Summit 2018.  Photo by Tomas Loewy for the Miami Girls Foundation.

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