SPRING/BREAK Art Show “Stranger Comes To Town”

March 4-12, 2018 – 4 Times Square, NYC

SPRING/BREAK Art Show 2018

SPRING/Break Directors Ambre Kelly & Andre Gori (Left) and SPRING/BREAK team (Right)

The Directors and Team of Spring/Break Art Show stand in solidarity with the activist movements of the domestic workers in the United States by taking in account their perspectives on feminization of poverty. We support the voices of working women by pledging to
  • honor and respect the work of household workers
  • pay at least $15/hour, if an employer
  • ­­­­­­fair wage, using open communication to establish clear expectations, and provide paid time off
  • identify and support local organizations that support the rights of women workers, including domestic workers and others
  • support anti-trafficking organizations, including legal services and policy advocacy groups that support low-income workers
Red apron designed by artist Ekaterina Juskowski as a symbol of Feminist Solidarity invites people to assess their privilege by looking at the #NeverNotWorking hashtag in the context of workplace exploitation through wage theft, pay equity issues, and, in particular, the trafficking of individuals brought to the United States as part of the B1 domestic service workers visa program.

Learn about #NeverNotWorking campaign, take the pledge and join the movement.

Alana Lynn Berglund at SPRING/BREAK ARt

Alana Lynn Berglund

Ambre Kelly SPRING/BREAK Art Show 2018

Ambre Kelly

Lauren Toppeta SPRING/BREAK Art Show 2018

Lauren Toppeta

SPRING/BREAK Art Show 2018

SPRING/BREAK Art Show 2018

Esdras Hidalgo SPRING/BREAK Art Show 2018

Esdras Hidalgo

Lucia Abouzeid SPRING/BREAK Art Fair

Lucia Abouzeid

SPRING/BREAK Art Show 2018

SPRING/BREAK Team.  Photo: Samuel Morgan

Ekaterina Juskowski SPRING/BREAK Art

Artist Ekaterina Juskowski is the founder of Miami Girls Foundation, a media for social change platform with the mission to amplify the voices of grassroots organizations. Photo: Samuel Morgan


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