#NeverNotWorking Durational Performance at UNTITLED Art Fair, Miami Beach


Durational Art Performance Features 100 Participants, Who Will Perform Household Labor to Honor Domestic Workers and Ensure the Installation Is #NeverNotWorking During Miami Art Week.

Ekaterina Juskowski: #NeverNotWorking
December 4 – 9, 2018
Untitled Art, Miami Beach, Lummus Park (Ocean Drive & 12th Street)


MIAMI, October 25, 2018— The Miami Girls Foundation presents #NeverNotWorking (2018), a durational art performance by artist Ekaterina Juskowki for Untitled Art, Miami Beach. #NeverNotWorking is a popular Social Media hashtag used to promote the idea of someone working very hard. This art project invites everyone to assess their privilege by looking at the #NeverNotWorking hashtag in the context of workplace exploitation through wage theft, pay equity issues and, the trafficking of individuals brought to the United States and treated as modern-day slaves.

The performance will run daily throughout Miami Art Week, for a total of 50 hours. 100 participants from the Miami community will honor domestic work and  show solidarity with the domestic workers in the United States by participating in the performance. The visual component of the performance will consist of clotheslines used traditionally for drying washed laundry. Each of the 100 participants will be given 30 minutes to hang white sheets on the lines and then to take the sheets down. Each participant will leave the installation as it was found, allowing the next person to come in and perform the same task. Participation by members of the Miami community completes the piece and allows participants and passersby to experience the repetitive, never-ending nature of domestic work.

Household labor is important work, but the repetitive nature of many tasks contributes to its undervaluation and even invisibility. By bringing domestic labor out of the “private” sphere and into the public arena, the project emphasizes its importance to families, communities, and economies, and celebrates the beauty of daily labor performed with care.

To Become a Community Partner:
Step 1 – Registration Form
Step 2 – Donate $30 towards Emergency Fund (can be a corporate or personal donation) that will help domestic workers to get through difficult times and unexpected situations. Here is the info about the project:  https://miamigirls.org/projects/never-not-working/
Step 3 – Scheduling Doodle  – Sign up to perform during At Basel Week. Here is the description of the Art Project We’ll reach out to  schedule the time after you submit your participation request.
Questions? Contact Karen Martinez pr@miamigirls.org


The exhibition is made possible by Miami Workers Center and Advocacy Partners Team.


See the full list of 100 participating organizations HERE


Rachael Anagbo,  rach@huhprojects.com

For downloadable high-resolution images, submit the request to pr@miamigirls.org



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